How to Grow Cotton

Weave Your 'Art Out Care for HandwovensPlant seeds in a 4″ peat pot about 1/2″ – 1″ deep using soil and compost.

Place pots in a sunny location. Keep seeds at about 65-68 degrees. Water pots lightly every other day keeping seeds slightly damp at all times. Thin out weak seedlings and allow one seedling to remain.

When seedling outgrows the peat pot, cut the bottom of the peat pot and transfer to a 18″ diameter pot using loam based potting compost mixture, not one that’s peat based.

Place plant outdoors in full sun during day when temperature is above 65 degrees. Feed plant once each week with a liquid plant fertilizer that is high in potash or use a tomato or rose food.

In southeast Washington, I watered my cotton plant daily. Large yellow flowers appear in 45 days from sowing. Flowers wither off and form bolls which crack open to form fluffy cotton in about 140 days from sowing.

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