Handwovens for the Home

Memories of sitting at the loom alongside her grandmother at age five remind Susan that rug weaving is in her blood. “My rag rugs are made with traditional weaving structure, but they are contemporary in design. I use a strong linen warp and new yardage, so – with care – they will last many years, to be handed down from generation to generation.”

Susan weaves hand towels, dishtowels, mats, runners and wall hangings in addition to rugs. She hand dyes wool for specialty or custom top-of-the-line wool rugs.

Weave Your ‘Art Out is a dealer for Glimakra, Toika, Schacht and Leclerc products, and is a member of the Desert Fiber Arts Guild.  At Weave Your ‘art Out you will find opportunities to rent loom time for weaving your own projects, purchasing new or used looms, finding just the right yarn for your projects and getting the assistance you need and answers to questions you may have about weaving.  We have many weaving accessories to make your weaving a joyful journey.  Hope to see you soon.

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